Become a Part of Something Greater

When you place your faith in Jesus Christ, you immediately become a member of the body of the Christ! Here at 180 Life Church in West Hartford, we want you to continue down that path and become a part of a local body of believers. Believers who are committed to the church, onboard with our theology, and our mission.

You can probably list a number of groups or businesses you’re a part of, so what do you say about adding your local church to the mix? As a member, you’ll receive quarterly updates about what’s happening in the life of the church, you’ll be the first to hear about job opportunities, the building search, new church sermon series, and more.

Sign-up for our online membership class; with intentional video modules, we explain the inner workings of 180 Life, our vision for the future, and more about our leadership team. Doing the class online is fun, easy and allows you to go at your own pace.

Friendship and fellowship at 180 Life Church in West Hartford, CT
Spiritual growth at 180 Life Church in West Hartford, CT
Young and old find community at 180 Life Church in West Hartford, CT

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Whether you plan on being here 1 year or 10, it’s never a bad idea to join a church and become a part of something greater! Please contact us by email to get started.