180 Life Groups

Get to Know Each Other

Church Small Groups In West Hartford, CT

With many people attending on a Sunday morning, it can sometimes be hard to get to know people. 180 Life Groups are a great way to get to meet others at the church on a more intimate level.

Groups typically have around 8-15 people and encompass many different topics and studies. Some meet in person, others online, and some are hybrid.

We offer groups for families, women, men, young adults, young moms, single moms and youth.

Read below to learn more about our fall campaign starting on 9/24 and click here to access the SOAP Bible Study Method referenced in Pastor Josh’s message.


Get in the Game: Off the bench and onto the field. What it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Church is meant to be a team sport. We are designed to be a community of disciples who rally together in the name of taking Kingdom ground for the King. But what does that actually look like? In our ‘Get in the Game” series we’re going to practically unpack how to stop being spectators as we step onto the field. We are going to activate our faith in such a way that the transformation in us will become a transformation around us. But that can’t happen while wearing clean jerseys, sitting on the sidelines. We need to get in the game and be the disciples He created us to be!